Brad Meier, the American referee who is being blamed for Russia losing the recent hockey match to the US, has become one of the most hated faces in Russia. The US-Russia conflict once again took center stage at Sochi, after the American referee disallowed a goal that would have given Russia the lead.

The game once again brought out the cold-war era skepticism and hatred between the two countries. Russian hockey fans took to the social media over a decision by the American referee, who is now being blamed for the loss.

The Russian Hockey fans allege that the decision by Meier gave American an 'undeserved' victory. The Russians lost the game to the Americans in a close 3-2 battle. A Russian hockey fan, @ _mslin, tweeted: "@ XrayedTooMuch @ _ryazhka Congratulations on undeserved victory, hello from Russia."

Had Meier allowed the goal to the Russians, the match would have gone in their favor. "Nobody touched the net," Alex Ovechkin, the Russian player told Chicago Sun-Times. "The goalie touched the net and pulled it out. But the referee didn't give him two minutes."

While much hatred has been spewing on the American referee, here is a little info on Meier. National Hockey League referee Meier was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Canada. He holds both Canadian and American nationality. He is married and has two young sons. He has been with the NHL since 1999. He has refereed in the 1998 Winter Olympics, 1996 World Championship, and 1995 World U20 Championship.

Meier's decision to disallow the goal has been accepted by the Russian officials. However, following the game, the Russian hockey fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the decision.

Here are some translated Russian tweets:

 Translation: Even Putin saw that the referee's decision was wrong and he still let him live?

Translation: The referee is an American 'patriot.' But he should have been honest to the game.

 Translation: Remember the face of the a**h***

Translation: It is because of this referee, we lost the game. We will not forget this face!