Meet Afghanistan's "Reincarnation" of Bruce Lee
Abbas Alizada, 20Facebook

A young Afghan man has shot to internet fame for his uncanny resemblance to kung fu legend Bruce Lee.

Thought to be the "reincarnation" of Lee, 20-year-old Abbas Alizada is trying to show the world another side of war-torn Kabul with the help of his videos and photos posted online.

"The only news that comes from Afghanistan is about war ... I am happy that my story is a positive one," Alizada said, Reuters reports.

Alizada's Facebook page bears the name "Bruce Hazara" hinting that he definitely aspires to be like Lee.

The videos and photos posted on the social media show Alizada performing back flips and exhibiting other martial art skills. He can jump in the air, break wood panels and also swing nunchuks with ease.

His video, in which he is seen performing difficult stunts while dressed like Lee, went viral recently after which he has been widely dubbed as Lee's reincarnation.

Alizada, a resident of Kabul, has been learning various types of martial arts for years now. Of late, he has been devoting his time to learn more about the kung fu legend so that he can imitate him perfectly. He also sports a Lee-like bowl haircut.

Alizada has watched all of Lee's movies and has been reading about him a lot. He hopes that the videos and photos posted online will help him become famous on an international level.

"I want to be a champion in my country and a Hollywood star," Alizada said, New York Post reports. He trains at Kabul's desolate Darulaman palace twice a week where he learns swirling nunchakus apart from other skills.

Alizada belongs to a very poor family of 10 children. Even though his parents could not afford to pay for his training at an academy of Wushu -- which is a Chinese mixed martial art – the trainer took him under his wing.

Alizada won in a recent Wushu tournament held in Kabul.

The place where he trains, the Darulaman Palace, is a ruin now. It was built in the 1920s by King Amanullah Khan, but decades of fighting to seize control of the capital damaged the structure.

"The destruction here makes me sad, but it also inspires me," said Alizada.

A video of Alizada on YouTube has been praised by many. The video is below: