Meerut Man challaned for not wearing helmet while driving car
Meerut Man challaned for not wearing helmet while driving carScreenshot

In a bizarre incident reported from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, a 43-year-old man was penalised by the traffic police last Sunday for not wearing helmet while driving a car. 

Shailender Singh, who was driving in Hasanpur area with his 4-year-old child, was stopped by Shivraj Singh, the traffic policeman, asking him to show his driving licence and relevant documents.

Even though Shailender had all the documents with him, Shivraj Singh didn't let him go, resulting in an argument. Later, Shailender was fined for not wearing helmet.

"I was getting late as I had to take my 4-month-old son to a doctor but the cop kept holding my car for some reason. After I had a heated discussion with him, he, to my surprise, challaned me for not wearing a helmet. This is ridiculous. I never knew I had to don a helmet while driving a car," Shailender said, according to the Times of India.

However, Shivraj has claimed that Shailender was talking on his mobile phone and added that the challan for not wearing helmet was issued by mistake.   

"I asked the chowki in-charge of Hasanpur, Bachan Singh, to issue a challan.The official, by mistake, charged him for not wearing a helmet whereas the challan should have been issued for talking on the mobile phone while driving. It was an error and not done deliberately," Shivraj said.

Shailender approached the senior superintendent of police DC Dubey on Monday to lodge a complaint.

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