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A woman in Kolkata was given a wrong blood transfusion, resulting in multi-organ failure. [ Representational image]Pixabay

Another incident of medical negligence has rocked the city of Kolkata. Last week, the staff at a leading medical facility allegedly infused a wrong blood group. The negligence has reportedly led to the patient suffering from multi-organ failure.

The incident happened at Columbia Asia, a multi-specialty medical facility located at Salt Lake.

According to reports, Baishakhi Das was admitted to the hospital on June 5 with acute abdominal pain. She is presently battling for life because of this medical mess, claims the relatives of the patient. Her husband, Abhijit, told ANI, "I admitted my wife in the hospital, but she was infused blood from the wrong blood group during operation. Now her lungs and kidneys are damaged, and if I refuse to pay the bills, the administration is threatening to stop the treatment."

The family of the patient already paid 2.55 lakhs to the hospital.

During the surgery, the patient was injected with AB+ blood instead of A+ blood group. This turned the entire situation critical and resulted in a multi-organ failure. Though the hospital authorities denied the reports and told a national news portal, "We do not have any information." Dr. Tirthankar Bagchi, of Columbia Asia, told media, "If someone has done something wrong it will be investigated."

Abhijit has already written a letter to the Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal and has asked for stricter action against the hospital.

Kolkata has been a hub of an advanced medical facility and some of the renowned names of the medical industry are present in this region.

However, the city has been witnessing a rise in cases of medical negligence.

Patients often become easy prey of medical scams and end up paying heavy bills at private medical facilities.

As per reports, the medical industry of Bengal thrives on a pool of patients pouring in from different neighboring countries and states. A lion share of the revenue of Bengal's medical industry comes from Bangladesh and Nepal. The industry is reeling and struggling with workforce crisis which is further dragging its quality of service, experts have said.