US rock legend Meatloaf has been admitted to hospital after he collapsed on stage while singing his Grammy winning hit Id Do Anything for Love in Edmonton Canada on 16 June.

The Associated Press reported that the singer, whose real name is Michael Lee Agday, was in an unknown condition in an Edmonton hospital. The 68-year-old had cancelled two other concerts in recent days – in Regina on Saturday, 12 June, and in Calgary on Tuesday, 14 June – citing ill-health.

In footage of the performance Meatloaf could be seen falling to the floor and dropping his microphone as he sang the 1993 hit. His band reportedly rushed to his aid as the music fell silent. One concert goer, 33-year-old Mikey McBryan, said in the immediate aftermath of his collapse attendees were asked to vacate the arena.

Apparently at the time of Meatloafs collapse there was some confusion in Edmontons Jubilee Auditorium as to whether the fall was a planned part of his act.

I didnt know if it was real. All of the band stopped playing instantly, one concert goer Lotta Shandalla told the Edmonton Journal.

Other Meatloaf fans at the concert said Agday had given an energetic performance before he was rushed away by paramedics. The singer has collapsed during performances before, including in a 2011 show in Pittsburgh and a 2003 performance in London.

During the 90s the rocker said he suffered anxiety and panic attacks while on tour with his band, with the effects taking a toll on his health.