American actress Lindsay Lohan, popularly known for playing Cady Heron in teen movie "Mean Girls", reportedly stripped off all her clothes during the wedding ceremony of her millionaire friend Justin Etzin with model Lana Zakocela.

The 29-year-old actress apparently behaved inappropriately at the luxurious four-day event in Florence, Italy. A few of the attendees at the ceremony said that she changed her dress four times and was busy with her phone.

"She would go up to her room, change, and come back down, make a scene, repeat. Lindsay was pretending to DJ using her iPhone. She kept replaying the same songs over and over and [then] accused people of taking photos of her, which wasn't possible because they took our phones", a source told US Weekly.

The source further said that the actress took off her shoes after Etzin and Zakocela shared wedding vows, and noted that it "was weird considering it was a very high-profile event".

But, the situation turned worse after a guest cracked a joke about Lohan during the reception. "She took off all her clothes and got completely naked and was running around her villa screaming that she'd been drugged," said an attendee.

However, an emergency medical technician (EMT) present at the event said, "She could walk and talk. She wasn't slurring or anything. She was upset about the joke being made about her. She just wanted the attention."

Etzin and Zakocela's wedding ceremony was attended by NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert, Edward Spencer-Churchil, American gossip blogger Micah Jesse, Portuguese model Sara Sampaio and photographer Ellen von Unwerth.