Tom Hiddleston
Tom HiddlestonReuters

The campaign to revive the Daredevil series just found itself a new supporter in MCU star Tom Hiddleston. The Loki actor recently showed his support to the #SaveDaredevil movement in a video that continues to gain traction among the fandom.

The movement to #SaveDaredevil began with an online petition, which eventually received immense support with hundreds of signatures. It was soon noticed by the entire Daredevil cast and got their vote of approval as well.

Hiddleston also got to show his support after his recent Broadway performance called Betrayal, in which the Loki actor stars alongside Daredevil star Charlie Cox. Hiddleston can be seen saying, "Save Daredevil" to some fans in a video you can find below.

The small clip was shared by the #SaveDaredevil fan campaign page and has already been viewed over 14,000.

Daredevil Season 3
Daredevil Season 3Facebook/ Marvel's Daredevil

As many are aware, Netflix unexpectedly axed the Daredevil series after Season 3 to the surprise of the entire cast and crew.

The series EP Sam Ernst also addressed the cancellation on Twitter stating his frustration and disappointment as the team was in the process of laying out Season 4 plans. Marvel TV boss Jess Loeb has noted in the past of the show's possibility to make a comeback.

Currently, MCU boss Kevin Feige's unit is working on developing several Marvel series for the Disney Plus streaming service. Shows like Falcon and the Winter Soldier reportedly have a budget that's bigger than the Netflix shows to give the audience an experience that is comparable or close to their movie versions.

It remains the be seen if the once Netflix made Marvel TV characters will ever get to appear alongside other characters in the MCU or other series. 

Hiddleston, on the other hand, still has a future in the MCU with a Loki min-series. The first look seemingly confirmed the show's timeline is set in the mid-1970s. 

Loki series will debut in spring 2021 with Disney Plus launching on November 12.