McDonald's will soon have a premium range of burgers in its menu in Great Britain.

The move aims to combat increasing competition from expanding gourmet burger chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys, which were founded in the US.

The new range of burgers will be called the "Signature Collection", and include the fattest patty McDonald's has ever used in its burgers. They will be served in brioche-style buns and will cost €4.69.

Chefs from Michelin-star restaurants have helped the fast food chain prepare the premium burgers.

The "Signature Collection" will be experimented at 28 restaurants across south London and Manchester in England before they are spread to 400 more eateries next summer.

If the idea works and becomes popular among people in the UK, the premium burgers could also be rolled out in McDonald's restaurants across the world.

The fatness of the patty implies that the customer has to wait for a longer period of time in queue, as against McDonald's standard hamburgers and Big Macs. However, the table service system that the fast food chain started a few months ago — also to see off rising competition — is expected to help the launch of the premium burgers, The Guardian reported.

Duncan Cruttenden, food development director of McDonald's UK, revealed that the burgers were prepared with customer feedback and Great Britain's internal chef council.

He said customers told McDonald's "they wanted thicker beef patties and high-quality ingredients, freshly prepared".

"We've crafted a range that is a truly exciting permanent addition to our menu. Every product has to earn a place, and our customers have told us the signature collection McD has done just that," he added.

A few months ago, a similar endeavour had started in Canada, where customers got customised burgers. The fast food chain reportedly introduced digital kiosks at its restaurants to let buyers order "premium hamburgers" from nearly 30 choices, involving five kinds of cheese with greeters and servers bringing the food to the table.