Popular American fast food chain McDonald's has released a strong statement in support of its employees after video of a customer hurling abuses at a worker of an outlet in Singapore went viral.

In the statement, which was given to The Straits Times, the company said it was unfair on the part of the customer and stated that their employees deserved respectful treatment. 

"While our employees strive to do their best every day to serve our customers with care, we also hope that any unintended misunderstandings can be resolved amicably...We believe that under any circumstance, our employees - just like any human being - should be treated with respect, and do not deserve to be shouted at in the manner as portrayed in the video," read the statement.

In the video that garnered over 1.1 million views and 15,000 shares on Facebook, a man is seen standing at the counter of a McDonald's outlet in the Hougang Mall. The man was heard shouting, "Don't tell me sorry. I very angry...What! I haven't order finish, money money money, what is this? Miscommunication? And keep on asking, money where? Money where?" while the staff was apologizing to him.

It is not clear from the video what agitated the customer, but it seems it had something related to payment.

"What you talk to her? I want to see what action you all do to her. Or you got any higher authority to talk to me? You're what? Manager? Restaurant Manager? I want to talk to the restaurant manager," the man was heard yelling in the video.

Caren Choo, 39, who was present in the restaurant at that time recorded the video. "The woman he was shouting at was an old lady. I felt, even if she did something wrong, he should just let it go after he scolded her," Choo told The Straits Times.