The 'Love, Relationships, and Technology' survey conducted by McAfee - world's largest dedicated security technology company, released the findings of their survey last week. This survey analyses the demerits of sharing personal data whilst in a relationship and how this could lead the individual into embarrassment through privacy leaks online.

The main objective of this study is to underline the need for customers to take preventive steps to protect them from cyber-stalking and the leakage of personal information.

"We're all aware of the cases involving celebrities, but you don't have to be a celebrity to have your personal information exposed," said Lubna Markar, Senior Marketing Manager, McAfee India & South Asia.

"Sharing passwords with your partner might seem harmless, but it often puts you at risk for a 'revenge of the ex' situation, landing private information in a public platform for all to see. Everyone needs to be aware of the risks and take the steps to make sure their personal data is safe and secure", she further added.

The survey exposed certain startling findings which stated that 86 percent of Indians share personal or intimate text messages, emails or photos and almost 63 percent share their Bank Account Details with 47 percent sharing their confidential passwords with their partners.

The study also revealed facts stating that 96 percent of Indians who share personal pictures or mails, feel their identity is in safe hands. Surprisingly, about 77 percent of adults had their personal content leaked online without their knowledge or permission. Also, three out of 10 ex-partners were given an exposure threat.

Ironically, with an attempt to sound and act romantic, 53 percent of Indians, still tend to share intimate or romantic photos with their partners through social media platforms along with text and email as well, especially on occasions like Valentine's Day.

Other partner behavioural traits which led to personal content leakage were determined by actions like cheating (48 percent), lying (38 percent), posing with a third person (15 percent), break-up (41 percent), calling off the wedding (23 percent) and other miscellaneous reasons (3 percent).

Almost 50 percent of the population, after a break up, repents sending intimate content. Around 49 percent of people have even asked their ex-partner to delete all their personal content.

Cyber Stalking is another major pitfall arising out of a failed relationship. The survey results revealed that more than 73 percent of people had admitted to checking the social media pages of their ex, 44 percent checking bank account details with more than 47 percent tracking their partner on sites like Facebook and 49 percent inquisitive to know about their current partner.

McAfee tried to lay focus on the idiosyncrasy of dejected partners and hence gives simple advice. The company encourages people, not to share confidential data like passwords with their partners or family members. Also, a strong password on phones and web links shall help. One should always take the time and efforts to delete personal information from areas like emails and mobile phones. Data once out of your hands is out for lifetime.