Prasoon Joshi and Sunny Leone
Prasoon Joshi and Sunny LeoneTwitter

Sunny Leone has reacted to Prasoon Joshi's recent comment, wherein the noted writer had said that he has no respect for Sunny's past profession. Sunny Leone responded later saying that she does not know who is Prasoon Joshi.

"I don't know who Prasoon Joshi is. I will google him and then I will comment," The Indian Express quoted Sunny as saying when she was asked to comment on the renowned lyricist's criticisms.

Earlier, Prasoon Joshi had said that he has no respect for Sunny's past profession, adding that youth should not get inspired from her previous work. "I don't respect Sunny Leone's profession. I wouldn't want our youths to get inspired by her profession. But because of that to make a person feel as an accused and disrespect her is not something that one should do. But this should not be taken to mean that if someone is a drug dealer by profession that should be seen as his personal work. I will not respect that profession. And I will say that you shouldn't be doing this. But that doesn't mean that when that comes before me will I disrespect him or her. I wouldn't. My culture doesn't allow me. But I will not praise her profession. If there is a profession which doesn't play a constructive role in building a great society we need to criticise it as well. It's a free society. People have choices to make, and if choices are not great those should be criticised. Somewhere one should draw a fine line," Prasoon said earlier.

Sunny, who is a former porn-star, was recently in news for an interview, during which she apparently had to face "prejudiced" and "misogynistic" questions. The "Mastizaade" actress was highly praised by the B-Town for her composure during the interview.