Showtime will air season 3 episode 4 of "Masters of Sex" on Sunday, 2 August. Following the grand success after the publishing of their book, Ginny and Bill are still struggling to balance their public and personal lives, especially with the former's pregnancy.

In the last episode, we met a new prospective investor to make Bill (Michael Sheen) and Ginny's (Lizzy Caplan) book a medical textbook – Dan Logan (Josh Charles), a perfumier who wants to capture the smell of sex in a bottle. However, Bill feels that Ginny has not got her priorities straight, and asks her to put their research and him above everything else.

Meanwhile, Tessa (Isabelle Fuhrman) is struggling to get her mother's attention after her disastrous school dance and is still embarrassed that she is now famous as the daughter of the woman who co-wrote the book on sex.

At Bill's home too, things are chaotic and Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald) is going to leave him soon. She had interacted with a neighbour who is planning to leave her husband, inspiring Libby to realise her increasingly distant husband is long gone and it is time for her to put herself and her children first.

Find out if Libby will leave Bill on Sunday, 2 August, at 10.00 pm (EST), when Showtime airs season 3 episode 4 of "Masters of Sex". You can also watch it live stream "Undue Influence" via Showtime Anytime.