The MasterChef kitchen houses only seven contestants now, and expect the competition to get intense going forward.

Last week, Olivia exited the show after losing in a team challenge captained by Hetal. Although the challenge tasked them to prepare a three course vegetarian meal, Hetal, a strict vegetarian, conceded defeat to Tommy's euro-centric dishes. For fans who cheered Olivia, it was painful, to say the least.

In episode 15 titled "A Storm's A Brewing", the remaining seven have to use coffee as the main ingredient in a dish. From the promo, we can gauge that Nick has probably won the challenge. The top hat wearing Italian isn't seen in the chaos surrounding the elimination challenge.

To be precise, the elimination challenge consists of three teams of two, who will have to prepare party platters. We expect to find burgers and chicken wings with a side of mushrooms.

Nick's victory has most probably allowed him to pair Derrick with Stephen, Claudia with Hetal and Tommy with Katrina.

As the six contestants get frantic, Derrick and Stephen appear to be in two different worlds altogether. In the promo, they do not communicate and make decisions in haste. Based on previous episodes, we know that Derrick is mostly calm and cooks with finesse, but maybe he's restrained by Stephen's autocratic ways?

In other news, Katrina and Tommy disagree about the cook on their Chicken wings. Even though the two clash, there seems to be a team spirit guiding them. Let's hope that the spirit keeps them safe from elimination.

MasterChef US airs on Wednesday, 19 August at 8pm on Fox. You can live stream the episode on FoxNow.