Only six home cooks remain in the MasterChef kitchen and as expected, the competition has thrown contestants off balance with difficult tasks. In season 6, episode 16 titled, "Restaurant Takeover", the top six participants will face their toughest task till date.

Avid watchers of the TV show will remember that the restaurant takeover is one of the most daunting challenges on MasterChef. If serving to diners seems scary, contestants have to face an angry Gordon Ramsay. Yes, the same person who sent shivers up your spine on "Hell's Kitchen".

In the "Restaurant Takeover" episode, the last six homecooks will be divided into two teams. And from the promo for episode 16, we can safely say that Derrick Peltz and Stephen Lee are appointed as team captains. 

The Blue team, headed by Derrick has Hetal and Katrina. Whereas the Red Team is captained by Stephen Lee and he is joined by Claudia and Nick. Each team will have to prepare two appetisers and two entrés. The appetizers include risotto with beef and tuna tartare. The main course includes sea bass with wasabi and venison that is flambéd.

Click here to watch the promo for Episode 16.

While it is unclear who wins the restaurant takeover, we see the blue team struggling with their two entrés and two appetizers that's required of them. At one point in the show, Ramsay loses his temper and angrily asks Hetal to communicate.

In the promo, we see Gordon Ramsay saying, "Earth to Hetal! Why aren't you answering me? When you have a voice, things happen. We can't just sit there and clam up! Open up!"

Let's hope that Derrick's team doesn't lose the team challenge. If they do, they will have to make three different pasta dishes in the pressure test.

"MasterChef US" airs on Wednesday, 26 August at 8pm on FOX. You can live stream the episode via Fox Now.