As the top 10 still remain in the competition, the judges seem to have a difficult time eliminating the weakest link. Last week's episode kept us on our toes, nervous and praying for divine intervention that could save Stephen. After all, one tends to feel bad for the urban gardener who cooks with heart and even replicated a Gordon Ramsay favourite, Beef Wellington.

We know that Christopher and Stephen have another day in the Masterchef Kitchen, and it may be well worth it, as the next episode will include families of contestants.

Masterchef US Season 6 Episode 12 looks special for all the right reasons. Throughout the series, family reunion episodes have always been so heart-warming and brought out the best in the home cooks.

Suffice to say that Masterchef US Season 4 winner, Luca Manfe, started cooking with his mind, body, soul and whatever else he could find in the pantry only after his wife took a trip from New York to see him in the Masterchef kitchen.

So what could we see in episode 12?

Unfortunately, this season's family reunion has contestants teamed up and will not demand an individual dish from them. Nevertheless, the blue team led by Derrick includes Christopher, Olivia, Nick and Tommy, whereas Claudia will lead the red team with fellow team members Hetal, Katrina, Shelly, Stephen and Claudia.

While Claudia's flavor profiles are interesting, Derrick is a smart, better executioner and seems to be a tough captain. Qualities Claudia seems to lack. Let's hope Claudia's favourite phrase "This Latina is on fire" works this time and doesn't put her in a pressure test. Because this week's dreaded pressure test will involve making Gnocchi in sage and butter sauce.

While the dish sounds incredibly easy, gnocchi is very technical and often difficult to execute.

Shelly seems to have a penchant to go overboard and include ingredients and flavours that often do not complement each other. Would this be her last pressure test? Or could it be Katrina's nerves that could make her go home?

Masterchef US Season 6 Episode 12 will be aired at 8 pm, Wednesday, 29 July. You can also live stream the episode via Fox Now.