Now, only 10 contestants are left to battle it out in the Masterchef US Season 6, and in episode 11, the top 10 will take part in a team challenge. And going by the promo, the next episode will feature a heated argument between Chef Gordon Ramsay and Stephen Lee, and the latter will break down in the pantry.

Nevertheless, this stand-off between the two could lead to nothing. As Shelly once said, "Only in the masterchef kitchen, you never know what's going to happen." And that couldn't be far from the truth. Everyone, who thought Shelly's time in the Masterchef kitchen was over, was fooled. As Sara made her way out, Hetal and Claudia were announced team captains in the next team challenge, which will be aired in episode 11.

Although the exact location of the next team challenge is not known, it is clear that it is being held on a farm with cattle. The beef challenge in episode 11 looks interesting as Hetal, a vegetarian, is most probably going to fail her team. Going by what the promo has to offer, one could conclude that Hetal's Red team would enter the pressure test, where they are required to bake a fruit tart.

However, it remains to be seen who succumbs to the stress of the pressure test as Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Graham Eliot and Christina Tosi judge the top ten contestants' baking skills. 

Masterchef US Season 6 Episode 8 will be aired at 8 pm, Wednesday, 22 July. You can also live stream the episode via Fox Now.