The competition advances, the challenges seem to get tougher in the MasterChef kitchen. In last week's episode, the judges asked amateur junior home cooks to bake, fill and build a croquembouche tower. Yes, the same French dessert that was posed to contestants in the adult version of "MasterChef" in season 5. Unfortunately, Nate and Derek were sent home after they failed to execute a very technical dessert.

In the upcoming episode of "MasterChef Junior", the 14 remaining home cooks have a mix of easy and difficult tasks ahead of them. Season 4 episode 7, titled "When Life Gives You Lemons", asks participants to make a raspberry-mint lemonade, which will be judged by Christina Tosi in a blind tasting challenge. Two teams, red and blue, will present their lemonades to Christina, and going by the promo, the red team appears to have won the challenge.

This unfortunately means that the blue team, comprising Amaya, Zac and others will have to make a dish from the decade that one of the judges was born in.

In the promo video, Chef Gordon Ramsay looks particularly exasperated as he judges some of the dishes brought to him. We predict that the pressure test will include a dish that was invented during the decade the Michelin star chef was born.

In the sneak peek clip, Amaya looks extremely confident as she grills her meat. However, Zac looks less confident.

Will he be eliminated?

"MasterChef Junior" season 4 episode 6, titled "When Life Gives you Lemons", will be aired on Friday, 11 December, at 8pm on Fox. You can watch the episode online via FOX NOW