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Maggie Beer lights up the kitchen and perhaps this is what the contestants need as they step in for another week of gruelling challenges. The renowned home cook, author and restaurateur will appear on the latest instalment — Season 8 episode 26 — of the reality cooking show "MasterChef Australia."

Beer's presence on "MasterChef Australia" has always included an element of surprise, be it in the challenges she sets or the ingredients she introduces. And in the upcoming episode of the Channel 10 show, it won't be any different.

The preview clip for Season 8 episode 26 captures the culinary icon's love for food. She is seen transferring that passion onto the contestants. Later on, she sets an invention test and it remains to be seen who will emerge the winner.

For Matt Sinclair and Mimi Baines, this week will prove to be important after they took part in last week's elimination challenge. Mimi's mango jelly with custard and spiced nuts did impress the judges, and she might no doubt want to earn a spot among the top five.

Last week, 31-year-old Cecilia Vuong exited the competition after the judges felt the main ingredient, ham, was lacking in her ham and cheese croquettes. The mother of two said her farewell to the rest of the contestants for a second time. Cecilia appeared on "MasterChef Australia" in 2014 and asked to leave the show following her doctor's recommendation. She had suffered a head injury a year earlier, in 2013.

While saying their final goodbyes to Vuong, MasterChef judge George Calombaris said: "Cecilia, we've loved seeing you grow. But more than that, what we admire is that you're an inspiration to your kids... I reckon they're going to be extremely super proud of you."

"MasterChef Australia" Season 8  airs at 7:30 p.m. AEST on Sunday, June 5, on TEN. You can live-stream the episode via TEN PLAY.

The show airs at 9 p.m. IST. on Monday, June 6, on Star World India.