Malavika Mohanan has revealed that his brother has been put on self-quarantining after returning from the UK, recently. The actress herself has herself revealed about it.

Malavika Mohanan
Malavika Mohanan.Malavika Mohanan Instagram

According to her, her brother is studying in the UK. "My brother is studying history in the UK, and he was locked down there. But he landed here a few days ago and is self-quarantining in a hotel for 14 days, like all those who returned from foreign countries," The Times of India quotes him as saying in an interview.

Malavika Mohanan Enjoying the Break
The actress is enjoying the break that she has got due to the lockdown across the country. In fact, she loves spending time with family and just waiting for her brother to join them. "Once he comes home, it will be great. I think your basic instinct during a pandemic like this is to pray for your family and friends to be safe and close," the actress claims.

In the same interview, the Petta girl was asked about the her outburst over sexist fan-made cartoon depicting Master team quaranting at home. Malavika Mohanan revealed that she spoke to the artist and claimed that his intention was never to hurt anyone, while calling him a "sweet guy."

Sexist Cartoon
"My question is, why is it that the only female in the house has to be depicted as cooking? See, I love cooking for people I love, and I have no problem with that. But people are missing the point. It's important how you show women because that's what you are propagating. If there are 10 men and 1 woman and it's the job of only that one woman to cook, you are indirectly saying that all the mothers and wives should do only that at home. My problem was with this representation," Malavika claims.

Malavika Mohanan
Malavika Mohanan.PR Handout

However, someone altered her character and portrayed as reading which she welcomed later. But the actress wondered why netizens attacked her for having an opinion. "It's fair to have your own opinion and it's really immature of people to have a problem with you for having an opinion,"

The actress has paired up with Vijay in upcoming movie Master. The Lokesh Kanagaraj-directorial has Vijay Sethupathi in the antagonist's role.