Be ready to be blown away, but this could well be true in the coming few days. The legend Hulk Hogan wants to make a comeback to wrestling and he wants to take on Vince McMahon in what will be his final feud.  This came to light by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in which he mentions that the Hulkster is trying to push for a swan song against McMahon.

In his interview with LATimes, Hogan conceded the fact that he could not get his head around the fact his last match came back in 2012 in TNA which was a tag team match. Hogan teamed up with Sting and James Storm to take on Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, and Bobby Roode. Not only this, but Hogan also wants the match to happen at next year's WrestleMania, which is slated to take place in his hometown in Tampa.

'Would love to have one final match'

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As per Meltzer: "Hogan is once again pushing Vince for one last match, saying he can't live with the idea the final match of his career was in TNA (on January 27, 2012, teaming with Sting & James Storm in Manchester, the UK over Kurt Angle & Bully Ray & Bobby Roode). He's pushing for a match at Mania next year in Tampa since he's from Tampa. He's 66 years old and has had so many back surgeries that he's lost count years ago."

In a recent interview with Los Angeles Times, Hogan even said that he was willing to walk out of his retirement if he has to take on Vince one final time in his hometown. 

"I talked to Vince, and I said I really don't know if I could live with myself knowing my last match was with TNA. If I can get fixed, I pray I can have one more match. I told Vince, 'When I get through this back surgery, I'm going to get in the best shape of my life and we're going to talk about me having one last retirement match," he said.

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He further spoke about his rivalry and said he would love to take on Vince in his final swansong. 

"I'd love for it to be against Vince, I had such a great time with him in the ring at WrestleMania 19. I had no idea what to expect from him, but he's a great bad guy. His timing is great. I loved wrestling him, but everything he does hurts. When you're in the ring with someone and they're hurting you, you kind of pinch them on the wrist, and the whole match I was doing that to Vince. I was like, 'Vince, take it easy!' Everything he does hurts, but I'd like to get in the ring with him one more time for my last match. That would be perfect."