Police in Australias Northern Territory dramatically secured a giant crocodile that had been captured in a trap on Tuesday (30 August). It took a team of seven police officers and wildlife officials to snare the reptile after locals had reported a huge crocodile taking cattle in the region.

In the video released by police, officers are seen helping wildlife officials tie down the massive reptile. It was a bit of an unorthodox extraction from the cage, said Remote Sergeant Mark Berry. It was in a waterhole with limited access. He got a little bit away from us, but we ended up getting hold of him.

The crocodile will be taken in by a breeding programme in Darwin. We are looking at leaving the trap here because there is a large one in the waterhole that is still posing a threat to safety, said Berry.

ABC reported that alongside the police was veteran crocodile catcher Tommy Nichols who helped catch the 14.2ft (4.33m) creature.