Fans waiting eagerly for the first Mass Effect film will have to calm down as it is still years away from the official release. However, the screenwriter who was hired for the film, which will be an adaptation of the first game in the Mass Effect series, spoke about the difficulty in scripting the game into a movie.

Mark Protosevich, the screenwriter who was removed from the development of the film and replaced with Morgan Davis Foehl, recalled his experiences with the adaptation of Mass Effect film, where one is tasked with squeezing a big narrative in a time-frame of two hours.

Protosevich is the screenwriter for the upcoming Spike Lee remake of Chan-wook Park's "Old Boy" and also scripted for "The Cell," "Poseiden," "I Am Legend" and has story credits for "Thor." He described the challenges he faced during its scripting process while speaking to Badass Digest.  

"I wrote a couple of drafts and then they brought on a new writer... When I was on it I was definitely adapting the first game. That story, it was very much the first game. And that was the approach."

He also revealed that it was one of his first times in scripting a game adaptation and might also be his last one. "It was the first game adaptation I did and it will probably be the only one. They're hard. I will freely admit it was hard. Because - especially with 'Mass Effect' - there's just so much material. Narratively, with the game, you're talking about nine, ten hours of narrative you're jamming into two hours," he explained.

He also spoke about how he wished that the film would release soon and expects it to do well in the box office. "I hope they pull it off. I'd love to see a 'Mass Effect' movie. I think I did some good work, but even I'll admit I didn't pull it off."

The rights for the film were acquired by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. in 2010 and will be produced by Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni and Avi Arad.

"Love the project, it's getting there, it's been a lot of work; some movies take five, six years before they're ready," Arad, producer told Kotaku in August. 

The first game in the Mass Effect sereis was released in 2007 and the franchise was a mega success.