Mass Effect Andromeda is an upcoming video game from BioWare that has, since its official announcement at E3 2015, generated great interest as it the newest and one of the most popular in the Mass Effect series.

Mass Effect will be rolled out sometime in December 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. BioWare occasionally releases details about the game but in bits and pieces. Fans would love information that comes their way, but as in any leaked information, it must be taken with a pinch of salt. For all one knows, the information revealed could be something that is in development stage but could change in the end. 

NeoGAF forum member, EatChildren gave several pointers that reveal the game's story, gameplay, antagonist and more.

[Possible Spoilers]

  • Same party-of-three setup of the last three games: you plus two squadmates.
  • Two of the squadmates include a petite, buxom, blonde human woman. And a krogan (spotted in the E3 trailer).
  • Play as "Pathfinder".
  • Tasked with finding a new home for the human race.
  • Other races included too, obviously.
  • Squadmates + yourself have jetpacks that play a key role in exploration.
  • Omni tool is more versatile with situational interactivity. EG: deploy a shield in combat.
  • Similar weapons as per previous games.
  • Quality of facial features and character models a major feature of rendering improvements.
  • Destructible cover.
  • New ship is an entirely new design plus new layout from the Normandy. Has a balcony to observe lower levels, and see stuff like the Mako, and a "Pathfinder's quarters".
  • Conduct "Strike" missions from ship.
  • Meeting room to interact with squad.
  • Mako more or less identical to what appeared in the E3 trailer. Likely customisable.
  • Character customisation includes armour, helmet, gauntlet, etc.
  • Traditional galaxy map navigation gone. Galaxy traversal now done via first person view of the ship, manually flying to locations.
  • FTL drive for rapid travel.
  • Markers on planets and what not for guiding.
  • Main alien enemies described as a cross between Vorcha and Collectors.
  • During early build combat enemies dropped in via Cerberus ships. Unsure if this is a placeholder or legit.
  • One antagonist is a human soldier, armoured similar to you but without the N7 branding. Can spare/kill him. Motivations unknown.

Fans must note that Mass Effect Reddit mods have confessed that they have not been "revealed the proof" and clarified that it must be taken with a "grain of salt"; they claimed that the source was anonymous and hence the information could not be verified.