Mass Effect 4
There has been no concrete information on Mass Effect 4. (Representational Image)

Though there has been no news about Mass Effect 4 yet, recent reports by an insider revealed that Mass Effect 4 will come only on next-generation consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The success of Dragon Age: Inquisition has made many wonder about the features BioWare can pick for Mass Effect 4.

Below are some points that Moviepilot speaks about in its report:

World: The worlds in Inquisition have been a wonderful and the next Mass Effect too could use this for its game. The area that was for exploration is dense and varied but in Mass Effect, most of the exploration has been limited to its base with no great landscape unlike Inquisition.

Combat: In Inquisiton, players are able to change the feel of combat when they want, this can be replicated in Mass Effect 4. The game must also have the ability to swap companions like GTA 5.

Characters: BioWare can allow players to play as different races like in Inquisition there is the Qunari race. It can also provide players with the control of two different races as its protagonist.

Story: Though, Inquistion has a weak enemy, who is mostly forgettable, in Mass Effect, the Reapers are a powerful enemy and players have to step in to stop them. This feature is what BioWare needs to retain from its previous games.

Will not be a Prequel

An "insider", Shinobi602, has revealed on NeoGAF that the next Mass Effect will not be a prequel and that the game will be bigger than its predecessors.

He also adds, "However it'll be much more open than previous ME games. The number of explorable planets they're targeting alone is impressive to say the least. One of the new game's core pillars is 'epic scale'. ME1's uncharted worlds done right: strong exploration, sense of discovery, beautiful unique lands. So many awesome additions to the formula."