Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4 likely to release in 2015. (Representational Image from Mass Effect 3)

Is Mass Effect 4 real? Is it releasing this year? Where will the story lead us this time? These are the few questions, among many, that most of us related to the upcoming installation in the popular Mass Effect franchise from Bioware. And now Bioware is seeking your help in terms of the new features that you might want to see going ahead.

As of recently, Mac Walters, the creative director on Mass Effect 4, put up a tweet that said: "Spring-Forward Poll: What new feature, system or gameplay would you add to the next #MassEffect?" And the tweet, without doubt, has seen many ME fans flood the poll with their own favourite features.

"I'd like the ability to go full biotic. Lose the gins and use all your biotocs. It'd be quite a challenge," writes one fan.

And another one states: "The ability to modify your character's appearance post the initial creation would be cool. Space plastic surgery?", whereas, a sly reply states, "You know this would be easier if you told us what was already in the game."

Likewise, Chris Wynn, the senior development director on the game, recently responded to a fan's question concerning the prospect of new novels and/or comics based on the upcoming game. Chris told the fan, "Probably yes, but we haven't put any concrete plans down yet."

There are hardly any details revealed about Mass Effect 4, as of now. However, rumours surrounding the game speak of a fresh protagonist, who won't be just another version of Commander Shepard. There will be no direct continuation of the Commander's story here, while his companions remain highly unlikely to return.

Prior to this, the development on the game reached its first major landmark back in September 2013 when executive producer Casey Hudson and BioWare's Edmonton and Montreal boss Aaryn Flynn both stated on Twitter that they had gone hands-on with a playable version of the game.

"What's even more fun than working on the design of a new fictional world? Taking our first steps into it and looking around," Hudson wrote.

"Great time playing the next Mass Effect game in Montreal," Flynn added. "Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognisable. And fun!"

Mass Effect 4 doesn't have a potential release date for the time being. However, expect the game to arrive on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, apart from PC on release.