Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 may not have left the kind of taste in our mouths that we expected, but hasn't stopped speculations from building up for the upcoming Mass Effect 4 that should land sometime in the near future. For the time being though, there is some revelation about the game. 

Much after Mass Effect 4 was leaked on the Internet, there have been times when the legitimacy of the title has been questioned by fans and critics. Industry insider Shinobi602 said, "Trust me, the folks that sign off on these surveys are no interns," adding, "it's real".

The insider also commented on the ambitious nature of the project. "I also want to share that it was mentioned to me that being able to focus solely on PS4, Xbox One and PC has probably had the biggest impact in terms of design and possibilities of the game."

"Dragon Age Inquisition was held back considerably to accommodate 10 year old hardware (as noted not too long ago by Mike Laidlaw himself). That is most certainly not the case here, and honestly what has me excited the most," he added.

As far as in-game planets are concerned, the insider said he was "told they have a certain toolchain or some program (forgive me, tech isn't my strong suit) that's crafted for them in Frostbite 3 that's allowing them to generate terrain/create planets through a random generator."

"They go in afterwards and tweak and detail each planet to make them unique and their own thing. With that, the target was around 100 planets so I'm unsure where that stands now," he further said. 

However, it was confirmed later that the game would include around 100 planets, according to a new update by the industry insider.

As of now, the next Mass Effect game is expected to be launched sometime next year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.