Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4 likely to release in 2016? (Representational Image from Mass Effect 3)

So there has been new development on the elusive Mass Effect 4, finally. Fans have been keenly waiting for any sort of information on the game and now there is something coming from the BioWare producer, Michael Gamble.

The recent Twitter post by Gamble has pushed people to wonder what his post indicates. He said in a post that, "Best thing said during my milestone review with @AarynFlynn 'Yep. This feels like Mass Effect.'"

Gamble's post after his meet with Aaryn Flynn, the general manager for BioWare's Edmonton and Montreal studios did end satisfactorily for Gamble.

Fans are debating if he meant the game will be like the original Mass Effect, which had inventory management, outdated combat and more open world. Or if it will be like Mass Effect 2 or 3 that had a tighter combat but leaning towards a third person shooter.

There have been rumours that indicate Commander Shepard making a comeback but in limited roles.

Won't be Xbox One Exclusive

Gamble again took to Twitter to answer a fan question that asked if Mass Effect 4 will only be available on Xbox One as an exclusive/timed exclusive. To this, he answered in a negative calling it only a rumour.

Other reports point out that game exclusives are getting popular and the argument goes that if the company releases it only for Xbox One, then it is possible that its fans could go to the extent of buying a new Xbox One and playing the game. Even the DLCs could be highly priced and fans might pay for it if they like it.

The game is likely to roll out in 2016 for PC, next generation consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.