Masaba Masaba

Cast: Neena Gupta, Masaba Gupta, Neil Bhoopalam and Rytasha Rathore
Director: Sonam Nair
Rating: Three stars

Platform: Netflix

About the latest millennial flick

Netflix's show Masaba Masaba is a fun and realistic biopic featuring real-life mother-daughter duo Neena and Masaba Gupta. The scripted drama has a unique background and dwells deep into the diverse world of Masaba Gupta as she straddles across fashion and family. The show powerfully showcases the fashion designer's messy dating life that includes the return of her ex. How she deals with her break-up, divorce and fashion show disaster is what makes the show worthwhile. Panning across six episodes of half an each, showcases the highs and lows, ups and downs with a tint of humour in the life of adorable mother-daughter duo. 


Masaba Masaba

From Masaba's divorce, her fallout with her husband Vinay to her moving back with her mother, Neena. An ex is hovering on the side-lines. An artist Jogi (Sharan Sahu) wanting to hook up with her. The fashion label is bleeding money. Principal investor Dhairya (Neil Bhoopalam) pretends to be disgusted by the very idea of Masaba Gupta all this and more is making Masaba's life a mess.

The ace fashion designer, The Masaba Gupta, falls in love, battles friendship and bears loss in her business, her mother is advising her. On the other hand, Neena Gupta is battling her professional insecurities, her portrayal of each role be it a 'struggling actor'. But what breaks our heart is Neena Gupta's Instagram post where she was seeking a job despite being a successful star who has also been bestowed with National Film Awards. How she bagged a role in Badhai Ho opposite Gajraj Rao too is shown in the series. Amidst all this, she is also worried for her daughter Masaba's personal life; her failed marriage, the Instagram posts that she uses as a tool to anger work and how a mother at heart makes aloo ka paratha for her daughter.  Every emotion that Neena possesses on-screen is with utmost conviction.

Masaba Masaba


Neena Gupta is the soul of the series. Its heart wrenching to see an award-winning national actress, struggling to get a role in Bollywood. How she bagged a  titular character in the film Badhai Ho opposite Gajraj Rao is also shown in the series. The BTS of her struggle to date is encapsulated beautifully by the makers. The woman behind the ace fashion designer Masaba Gupta is Neena Gupta a mother, a woman, an actress, a homemaker and a wife who never misses her pati ka phone call. The headstrong and outspoken Neena makes every scene worthwhile. Do we need to shower more praises for her?

Masaba Masaba

Masaba Gupta is the real surprise package her character is relatable to many. She messes up like us, she has crushes, she stalks her ex, she sent a wrong text message, her personal and professional life is a mess, and yet she embraces it with panache. The life of 'The Masaba Gupta', a fashion designer is perceived as the perfect life any girl would have or aspire, but after seeing the series, all of us will understand that she is a celebrity. Still, she is also a wife, woman, career-oriented girl and how challenging life can be. Masaba has aced her act as much as she could. She is confident, natural and convincing at various parts. The chemistry and the warmth shown by Masaba and Neena in the show is heartwarming.

Yes, this two are centre of attraction in the show, but the supporting cast has done an excellent job. Browny points for Masaba Gupta's bar-owning friend Gia (Rytasha Rathore) she is the life hack in Masaba's messy life.

Neil Bhooplam, as the intelligent investor does a decent job, and his expressions do most of the talking.

Pooja Bedi, not playing herself, she is Masaba Gupta's therapist who helps and guides her in aligning her chakras. The cameos by director Farah Khan, singer Shibani Dandekar and actors Kiara Advani, Mithila Palkar and Gajraj Rao are commendable.


Created by Ashvini Yardi and directed by Sonam Nair, the first season has six episodes. The screenplay, by Nair, Nandini Gupta and Anupama Ramachandran, is an inspirational, joyous celebration of her life, this fun series is packed with tongue-in-cheek humour. There are some anecdotes in the show that will tickle your funny bones. What entices us is the bond between Neena Gupta and her daughter Masaba Gupta, how the two manage things against all the odds. Despite being a fictionalised show, one can't deny the fact that it ultimately draws inspirations from the significant part of their real lives.


OMG! Yes the TG of the show is millennial, and we are heavily focussed on social media, but then every single problem and solution is the series is found on Instagram. For every situation, there is a virtual social media family that know before your mother gets to know. A lot of importance is given to Instagram. It feels social media is the protagonist of the show. Wonder what if Instagram wasn't there?

Neena and Masaba have a very public relationship: whether it is Neena modelling clothes for Masaba's label and showcasing them on social media, or Masaba reposting tweets by Neena, to trolls to daily morning updates and mess up in the life of Masaba is featured on Instagram. Real problems real solutions were found on social media. Masaba's real struggles and issues have been overlooked and excluded from the narrative. The frivolous screenplay is undoubtedly scripted from the obstacles placed in Masaba Gupta's path to the conversational dialogue. Of the two Masabas in the title, the one who emerges stronger is the imagined one a millennial finally learning to face up to her problems. The fact that she is a well-known fashion designer and second-generation celebrity turn out to be a coincidence.

Masaba Masaba

Final Verdict!

Masaba Masaba is a beautiful and soulful story of an ace fashion designer Masaga Gupta's messy life. Although she is a hot mess, the show isn't. Neena and Masaba's chemistry is palpable and heartwarming. All you drama series lovers, go binge-watch now!