Mary Kom
India's boxer MC Mary Kom punches a bag during a training session at Balewadi Stadium in Pune.Reuters

Olympic bronze medallist Mary Kom is upset with the ad-hoc committee of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for last-minute postponement of the Asian Games trials, alleging that the body "disrespected her" by not informing about their actions.

The five-time world champion, on Tuesday, said that she felt cheated with the unprofessional behavior of the committee members.

"I got very disturbed when the trials got postponed. The date had been fixed a month back. I had already reached Patiala. It was not fair. They have to inform us at least two to three days in advance," Mary Kom told TOI at a CRPF event in Delhi.

"I can proudly say, there is no one like me. No other person has won so many medals at the World Championships or at other international events. Women's boxing in India got popular because of me. They are supposed to provide me all the information in advance. I felt disrespected."

Mary Kom feels that such behavior from the committee is not good for aspiring boxers who are the future of the country.

"Just imagine, if they are doing this to me, what will happen to the talented juniors who are coming through the system. Well, it did disturb my training for the Asian Games trials. But now I am focussed and raring to go. I am ever-ready for the trials. Today, tomorrow or whenever, my job is to compete," she said.

India's most celebrated boxer was beaten by her only counterpart, Pinky Jangra in the trials in May, which resulted in her non-participation in Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

On being asked about finally having some competition in India with the arrival of new sensation, Pinky Jangra, she replied: "I will not answer this question now. I would certainly like to give an answer to this question but it will only be after the Asian Games trials. About competition, it's a healthy thing and should always be there."

However, bollywood's scheduled release based on Mary Kom's life brings a smile on her face.

"I'm excited about the movie's release. Priyanka Chopra has really done wonders in the movie. Hope it makes boxing even more popular and inspires people," she said.

The film will hit theatres on 5 September.