Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
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The Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen celebrate their 29th birthday on Saturday, 13 June.

The popular twins began appearing on TV when they were just nine months old by taking turns for the role of Michelle Tanner on the ABC's popular sitcom "Full House" in 1987 and continued their acting till 1995.

The twins were also known for their series of musical mystery videos "The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley" and musical direct-to-video series "You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's", among others.

The duo was last seen together onscreen for the 2004 American teen comedy film "New York Minute", after which Ashley quit her acting career.

However, Mary-Kate appeared in films even after her sister's retirement and was later seen in "Factory Girl", "Samantha Who?" and "Beastly" among others. She also quit the profession in 2011 to start a new career in the fashion industry with her sister.

The duo has launched the couture fashion labels - The Row, Elizabeth & James, Olsenboye and t-shirt line called StyleMint.

They also won the CDFA Womenswear Designer of the Year for their label The Row in 2015.

Check out some rare and unseen photos of the Olsen twins below: