Captain America Chris Evans
Chris Evans in Facebook/ Captain America

Much to the chagrin of fans and comic-book readers, Marvel recently revealed that one of its most prominent superheroes, Captain America/Steve Rogers, has always been an agent of the infamous terrorist organisation Hydra.

However, though the new storyline starting with Captain America #1 is undoubtedly unique and is an interesting take on the renowned superhero's past, it seems fans didn't find the latest developments all that pleasant.

A few days ago, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend went viral as fans created a petition to request Disney for giving a male love interest to Rogers in order to make the Marvel characters more "gay-friendly."

Now, the Captain is in the news once again as fans have taken to Twitter to express their anger, with some terming the move as absolutely unnecessary and a desperate attempt by Marvel to garner more audience. Here are some of the Twitter reactions by the fans over Captain being shown in bad light: