It seems the latest episode of Netflix's "Jessica Jones," based on the Marvel superhero comic book of the same name, will focus on a number of feminist issues as mentioned in the leaked synopses of Season 1 episodes.

SpoilerTv has released a list of all 13-episode synopses of the upcoming series.

"Jessica Jones" is about the efforts of an orphan girl named Jessica Campbell who was later adopted by the Jones family and changed her name to Jessica Jones.

In the comic book, Jessica was a former classmate of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man. She got her superpowers when a vehicle containing radioactive chemicals crashed into the car in which she was travelling with her parents.

While her parents died on the spot, she barely survived and went into a coma. Once she recovered, she realized that now her body had enhanced capabilities. Soon, she was adopted by the Jones family.

The series showcases her journey as a private investigator after she failed to prove herself as a good superhero.

In the series, she deals with numerous cases that involve people with special abilities who have been termed outcast by society. She runs her own investigation agency named Alias Investigations.

According to the leaked synopses, Jessica's first case will deal with issues of feminism and gender equality as she will search for a beautiful New York University student who has mysteriously disappeared in the first episode titled "AKA Ladies Night."

While exploring the case, Jessica will come through some shocking and unexpected facts that will complicate the mystery even more.

In the second episode titled "AKA Crush Syndrome," Jessica will have to prove her client's innocence while compromising with the troubles of her own past. The third episode titled "AKA It's called Whiskey" will showcase her errands as she will search for a right weapon to tackle her archenemy, Killgrave.

Here are the titles of rest of the Season 1 episodes:

  • AKA: 99 Friends
  • AKA The Sandwich Saved Me
  • AKA You're a Winner
  • AKA Top Shelf Perverts
  • AKA Sin Bin
  • AKA 1,000 Cuts
  • AKA I've Got The Blues
  • AKA Take a Bloody Number
  • AKA Smile

Marvel's "Jessica Jones" is all set to air on Netflix on 20 November.