After a successful season 1 of "Daredevil", Netflix has scheduled to show season 2 episodes of the show in 2016. While we do know very little about the series based on the Marvel vigilante, new set photos showing a new character have surfaced on the Internet.

The pictures shared by Just Jared show Jon Bernthal, who plays the anti-hero, The Punisher, starting season 2, fighting some villains. His face is plagued with cuts that have dried up, meaning he has been fighting crime for a while now.

It is not known if the character of the Punisher will work with or against the hero of Marvel's "Daredevil". He has a habit of killing the villains, which is definitely not how Daredevil rolls; he hands over the villains he defeats to the justice system. Regardless, Bernthall's Punisher is said to the version truest to the comic books to be ever been depicted on screen.

The Punisher is not the only character joining "Daredevil" in season 2. Elodie Yung will appear as Elecktra and there is a possibility the Gladiator will appear as the big bad in the next season.

The official twitter feed of "Daredevil" announced his appearance in a cryptic tweet: "I gotta be good. So I make things. I'm good at making things. #Daredevil".

It came with the image of blueprints of a superhero suit and a circular blade, with "MP" engraved in it. Hardcore fans of "Daredevil" know the initials stand for Melvin Potter, who was introduced to the show in the last few episodes of season 1.

Matt Gerald portrays him as a unhinged engineer, who created Daredevil's costume for him. Although his appearing as Gladiator has not been announced officially either by Netflix or Marvel, the teaser tweet is a pretty big giveaway that can be expected.