Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson
Clark Gregg as Agent Phil CoulsonInstagram / Agents of SHIELD

A new report has said agent-turned-traitor Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) will transform into a grotesque parasite-infected creature known as "Hive" in the upcoming episode titled "Bouncing Back" of "Agents of SHIELD" Season 3.

According to Comic Book, Hive made his debut as an experimental organism created by Hydra similar to the Venom Symbiote in the Spider-Man comic books. Hive has capability to retain the memories of the people it kills while modifying their most significant trait to create a powerful entity.

The parasite, which was previously assumed to be a mysterious Inhuman, has taken possession of Ward's body and is using his memory and the memory of its earlier preys to become one of the most powerful threats SHIELD has ever faced.

In the promo of the episode, the agents, accompanied by Daisy's (Chloe Bennet) Secret Warriors, can be seen getting ready to face a threat unlike any other they have come across.

In the comic books, Hive first appeared in "Secret Warriors #2" as an unknown Hydra agent infected with genetically-engineered parasites. Both Secret Warriors and Hive will make their first significant television appearance in "Bouncing Back."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dalton explained the character of Hive and how similar it would be to its original comic book counterpart. He said as with all the adaptations, there would be changes in Hive's origin and powers in the television adaptation.

He also said the old Ward is completely gone as the memories of Hive's previous victims have taken over Ward's, and as Hive inhabits Ward's body now, Ward as an individual is no more.

"He's inhabited by another creature which has existed for centuries on this other world called Maveth. There have been monuments that have been built in his honour. He has access to all of the thoughts and memories Ward had," Dalton said.

"Bouncing Back" will air March 8 on ABC.