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Marvel's Inhumans may still have a chance at being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and no, it won't be a continuation of ABC Network's cancelled Inhumans TV series. Instead, MCU could potentially reboot and reintroduce the Marvel comics based character with a new cast.

The news comes from MCU cosmic's Jeremy Conrad, who is known for breaking several Marvel film-related stories and has proven to have a track record.

According to an unnamed source, Marvel Studios is planning on bringing back the Inhumans, specifically the Royal family led by fan-favourite Black Bolt. However, Conrad points out that fans should not be expecting this anytime soon since the studio hopes to establish them after characters like Ms Marvel and the Celestials are first grounded in the MCU.

Inhumans Marvel Comics
Facebook/ABC's Inhumans

For those unaware, in the Marvel Universe, Inhumans are known as an altered human race with superhuman abilities. Their changes in form were the result of an experiment by the extraterrestrial race, the Kree, which were introduced in ABC's Agents of SHIELD series. 

Marvel Television co-produced an Inhumans TV series with ABC. But unfortunately, the action drama was cancelled just after one season due to disappointing reviews from critics and received mediocre ratings after its premiere.

The news is sure to excite Marvel fans since it was also recently announced at D23 Expo that a Ms Marvel series is in development and is headed for Disney+ streaming service. Question of whether the Ms Marvel TV series would make a reference to Inhumans have already started popping up.

It has not been ascertained yet if Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige plans on introducing Inhumans or its fan-favourite main character Black Bolt with a feature film or television series under Disney plus. In any case, more details are sure to emerge as both The Eternals movie and Ms Marvel series are in active development.