It is comparably a tough job to battle the forces of evil than just evil people. That is why, just like every other superhero, Doctor Stephen Strange (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch) also needs a lair of his own, where he can relax without being under the constant threat of some crazy psychopath.

Doctor Strange's layer is known as Sanctum Sanctorum, where he keeps precious artifacts and practises his the mystic arts.

With the live-action movie based on the sorcerer's character less than a year away, Marvel has revealed some pictures of Sanctum Sanctorum that give an insight into how this safe house will look in the film.

The first picture represents the Chamber of Relics, where Strange keeps several mystical items, some of which possess supernatural powers. If it were a museum, people would have crowded to Strange's place to look at all the stuff.

In another picture, Strange is seen in what looks like his meditation room, where he goes whenever he needs some peaceful and solitary time. The circle at the centre of the room is possibly the portal through which the Doctor travels to other dimensions.

Similar to the comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (MCU) Sanctum Sanctorum is located on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village, New York, where Strange has set up shop after gaining knowledge of the mystic arts from The Ancient One.

The Sanctum Sanctorum is enchanted, which makes it bigger than what it looks from the outside. It allows the Sorcerer Supreme to keep his numerous artifacts without any hassle, and at the same time conduct his studies and house his guest, though he is rarely visited by anyone.

Just like Hogwarts staircases, the hallways and rooms of Strange's lair change all by themselves. It might happen due to the after-effects of the numerous spells Strange has cast around them, so enemies with supernatural powers can't break in.

The pictures have definitely added to the excitement of fans, and it seems the movie is going to be one of the blockbusters of 2016.

Marvel's "Doctor Strange" is all set to hit the big screens across the world on 4 November, 2016.