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Marvel Heroes updates with 2.1 - Siege.Facebook

Marvel Heroes, the (massively multiplayer online action role-playing) MMORGP from Gazillion Entertainment has added new battle zones and additional member in the game with a new update 2.1, Siege.

The game gets a new playable character - Ghost Rider to its roster of characters, involving a huge list of Marvel superheroes. The new update which is, free of cost, will be adding new public combat zones, boss battles, enemies, story content and more.

Below are the some of the features of the Update 2.1 -Siege (Marvel Heroes):

  • Playable Ghost Rider - The Spirit of Vengeance roars into Marvel Heroes on his signature motorcycle armed with the power of hellfire.
  • Asgard Under Attack - Malekith and his dark army have besieged Asgard, resulting in a huge public combat zone allowing dozens of players to team up and battle Malekith, himself.
  • Odin's Throne Room - This multi-stage fight against Loki will test the mettle of even the strongest heroes.
  • The Most Powerful Enemies Yet - New enemy mobs including massive Kronan, Rock Trolls, and other formidable foes.
  • Even More Story Content - The epic story of Marvel Heroes continues with brand-new story missions featuring fully-voiced motion comics.
  • Three Brand-New Costumes - The long awaited Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor, Cable's Techno-Organic Virus costume, and a special holiday costume... Daredevil's "I'm Not Daredevil" outfit.

Apart from these, all players will be getting a Santa Hulk costume on 24 December. Also added will be a new percent-based XP bonuses for a superhero when leveled-up. The back-end tuning and balancing system of the superheroes has been upgraded.

The game was also honored by gaming website, Ten Ton Hammer as the Best Action RPG of 2013. "Marvel Heroes has turned into an unstoppable juggernaut in the Action RPG space thanks to a combination of highly addictive gameplay, kick-ass combat, and an ever-expanding list of great heroes to play. It's quickly become one of our most played games of the year - regardless of genre," said Ten Ton Hammer.

The game is free-to-play and superheroes in its roster are Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America and many more. The game was released on 4 June for PC.

(YouTube Courtesy: Invision Community)

(YouTube Courtesy: Invision Community)