It seems Maruti Suzuki has finally admitted to slow sales of the first Nexa dealership, offering the S-Cross. The steep pricing for the S-Cross crossover, launched in August 2015, has resulted in drop in sales after the initial excitement. 

Maruti Suzuki recently hiked the price of its entire range of cars. Surprisingly, for the first time the company officially reduced the price of the S-Cross by up to Rs 2 lakh. All the models with 1.6-litre diesel engine have now become cheaper by Rs 2.05 lakh. The 1.4-litre diesel engine-equipped model's prices have been reduced in the range of Rs 40,000-66,000.

Maruti Suzuki launched the S-Cross as a premium crossover in August 2015 at a price ranging from Rs 8.34-13.74 lakh. Within months of the launch, dealerships offered discounts of up to Rs 1 lakh in September, and the company launched the Premia special edition in December with additional features. Dealers in Delhi also offered the car with discounts of up to Rs 3 lakh towards the end of December 2015.

The S-Cross has a 1.3-litre diesel motor that churns out 89bhp power and 200Nm torque, and another 1.6-litre diesel that is tuned to pump out 118bhp and 320Nm. The former engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, while the latter gets six-speed manual transmission.

- old price new price difference
DDiS 200 Sigma 8.34 lakh 7.79 lakh Rs 55,000
DDiS 200 Delta 9.15 lakh 8.49 lakh Rs 66,000
DDiS 200 Zeta 9.99 lakh 9.59 lakh Rs 40,000
DDiS 200 Alpha 10.75 lakh 10.29 lakh Rs 46,000
DDiS 320 Delta 11.99 lakh 9.94 lakh 2.05 lakh
DDiS 320 Zeta 12.99 lakh 10.94 lakh 2.05 lakh
DDiS 320 Alpha 13.74 lakh 11.69 lakh 2.05 lakh