Martin Freeman roped in Captain America
Martin Freeman roped in Captain AmericaReuters, Facebook/Captain America

Martin Freeman, whom fans loved as Bilbo Baggins and Dr Watson, will soon join another enormous franchise, "Captain America: Civil War". Marvel announced on Tuesday, 5 May, that Freeman will make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the 2016 "Captain America" movie.

The upcoming movie's producer, Kevin Feige, said: "We couldn't be more honoured or excited to have such a talented actor join the Marvel Cinematic Universe." Marvel is yet to announce the role Freeman will be playing, triggering many fan theories.

While many believe that he may play "Spider-Man" in the Marvel Universe henceforth, others suggest he could be a super-villain like MODOK or even a minor one like Everett Ross. 

Here are some characters that we think Martin Freeman could play exceptionally well in "Captain America: Civil War", which will hit theatres on 6 May, 2016, and any Marvel movie henceforth:


Although many recent reports have suggested that the competition for the role of "Spider-Man" is between Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland, many Martin Freeman fans who do not want to see him as a villain or in a side role are hoping that he would be cast as the web-spewing vigilante.

Marvel has made it clear that they want a young actor, who could play a high school student as the new "Spider-Man". Even with Freeman's exceptional talent, he cannot pull that off. However, if the creators decide to stray from that path, Freeman could definitely play Spidey.


As Benedict Cumberbatch, who is the Sherlock to Freeman's Watson, will play the titular "Doctor Strange" in the 2016 movie, it is only fitting that Freeman plays Wong - the sidekick, man-servant, confidante and defender of the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

In the comic universe, Wong stems from a family of monks living in Kamar-Taj and assists many superheroes, including "Spider-Man", by providing them with valuable information.

Everett Ross

The Unites States State Department attorney, Everett K Ross, is another apt role for "The Hobbit" actor. Ross, who was assigned to escort foreign diplomats of American soil, is entrusted with escorting T'Challa, aka The Black Panther.

After saving each other's lives on many occasions, Ross and T'Challa became close friends and token brothers. In case he is cast as Everett Ross, it would be the apt time to introduce the character as "Black Panther" will hit theatres in July 2018.


Mental/Mobile/Mechanised Organism Designed Only for Killing is a recurring foe of "Captain America" and has an unbelievably large number of psychic powers. It would be awesome to see this incomparable super-villain on the big screen for the first time and to see Freeman bring him to life would be an added advantage.

However, as Baron Helmut Zemo is announced to be the major villain in "Captain America: Civil War", the best you can hope for this character is a minimal appearance.