The Spotted Lake in British Columbia
The Spotted Lake in British Columbia Science channel/ YouTube screengrab

A unique lake in British Columbia, Canada, which the locals believe has healing properties, has conditions similar to that of Mars. The Spotted Lake looks like a large body of water with hundreds of different colour of pools inside it.

It is believed that each has different medicinal qualities. For example, one of the pools may help someone suffering from warts, while another pool may help someone suffering from aches and joint pains.

It's not medically proven yet, but impressively, the lake contains the highest concentration of sulphates on Earth, the Mirror reported.

Experts at The Science Channel, who have studied the lake, say  it seems like a huge "chunk of Mars has somehow broken off and travelled 33 million miles."

Another interesting fact about the Mars-like lake is that it is a closed system. There are no streams running in or out of the water. The lake lies at the bottom of a sealed hollow basin.

Experts say water leaves the Spotted Lake only during summer through evaporation. This leaves behind a Mars-like multi-coloured saline brine pools.

The experts explain: "It's like Mars has come to Earth, and in these weird holes are clues to life on the Red Planet."

One such pool contains Epsom salts which are said to be very effective for curing rheumatism and arthritis.

Experts believe this bizarre lake has micro-organisms, and there's a possibility of the "Martian Lake" having "Martian organisms."

Experts said: "Analysis of water from Spotted Lake reveals that organisms are indeed living in the pools."

Biochemist Rollie Williams added: "It's possible that some kind of life like that might be existing on Mars, which would be an insane discovery."