Martell Kardone
Martell Kardone

When it comes to the genre of rap music, young artists are continuing to make a name for themselves. The year 2019 has seen new artists from across the globe make a name for themselves, and San Antonio's Martell Lord DeRouen a.k.a Kardone is one such artist.

The singer-songwriter has just dropped his new single 'Magic', the title track of his latest album, this release gives a fine idea of what to expect from it. The album, simply titled Kardone is expected to release this summer. The foot-tapping bouncy melody hits a chord with many, with its explicit lyrics and mesmerizing music paying an ode to the R&B genre.

Presented by The Orchard, a fully-owned subsidiary of Sony Music, 'Magic' is slated to be Kardone's official debut album. Sony Music is known for signing the biggest stars in the making, with a penchant for identifying talent early on. The collaboration of The Orchard/Sony Music and Kardone is one to look out for.

The album is produced by 'T.I., Young Thug, Rich Gang' fame producer Isaac Flame and has Quality Control's in-house engineer Stephen "Dotcom" Farrow on board. Kardone has tried to challenge his innate talent and take his musical sense a notch higher while creating 'Magic'.

The young recording artist is a songwriter and model too and pursued his career purely out of his passion for music. At the age of 11, Kardone composed a nursery rhyme out of Looney Toon character names, and this was his Eureka moment, one that he nurtured further with his best friend and rap partner Carrol Olivier.

The young New Iberia boys went on to create their rap group and named it Trill Young Gangstas (T.Y.G), rechristened later as Trill Young Guerillas. Juggling many hats while growing up, Kardone has served in the military and was stationed at San Antonio, Texas, where he revived his inclination for music and produced a series of mix-tapes.