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It is time for couples Ryan-Jaclyn, Sean-Davina and Ryan-Jessica to seek the help of "Married at First Sight" experts.

In the upcoming episode to be aired on 19 May, Tuesday, the couples have to deal with their "Intimacy" issues, and struggle to form a sexual relationship with their significant other.

As the lack of physical intimacy sets the couples several steps back, "Married at First Sight" resident sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff assists the couples in expressing themselves sexually. She says that until the couple realises that both parties are responsible for the lack of physical intimacy in their relationships, they cannot move forward. 

In the case of Jaclyn and Ryan, who had come the closest to falling in love with each other during the course of the show, the former starts resenting her husband, as he pulls back soon after they consummate their relationship. Ryan had said that Jaclyn, who hasn't had sex in 8 years, has an incorrigible libido.

However, soon after Jaclyn starts showering him with loving touches and constant innuendos, Ryan gets overwhelmed and starts reeling into his own cocoon, which makes Jaclyn "kind of hate him".

While Sean claims to be a "very sexual" person, he has still not consummated his marriage with Davina. The proud, independent and self-made Davina, is more than a little insulted by the lack of sexual advances made by her husband. "How would you feel, if you were in bed.. with like a guy.. and he doesn't even try to touch you?" Davina asks.

Ryan and Jessica, who have had the most fights in "Married at First Sight" season 2, have also not been physically intimate in a while, in spite of being the first couple to have sex after getting married. After alternating between nuclear outbursts and radio silences, the couple has decided to try and make their relationship work.

Ryan has a list of words he cannot use against Jessica, while the latter will have to be more explicit with her feelings. Although, the couple seems to be going on the right track to save their marriage, the lack of physical connection is making Jessica question if she turns her husband off.

Married at First Sight | All New TuesdayTuesday on an all-new #MarriedAtFirstSight, sexologist Logan Levkoff, Ph.D. is taking matters into her hands.

Posted by Married At First Sight on Sunday, 17 May 2015