Married at First Sight
Jaclyn and Ryan in 'Married at First Sight'Facebook/ Married at First Sight

A&E will air a new episode of "Married at First Sight" on 26 May, Tuesday, wherein the couples will meet Dr Pepper Schwart to get advice on how to get closer to their spouses. Ryan-Jessica, Sean-Davina and Ryan-Jaclyn are all still positive that they could still choose marriage at the end of six weeks, regardless of the fights and miscommunication.

In the most recent episode, "Intimacy", all three females expressed the need for physical intimacy with their husbands. Jaclyn told Dr Logan Levkoff that she hated Ryan for making her insecure about her body.

However, Ryan clarified that he was not emotionally as attached to her as she was, and did not want to lead her on. One of the main reasons for his detachment was that being with Jaclyn would mean staying away from his family, especially his niece.

In the upcoming episode, Ryan's niece tells Jaclyn and Ryan that she wants them to be together, because she likes Jaclyn a lot. Could his niece's words ease Ryan into the transition of being a married man? The couple is only left with a week before they have to decide if they want to be together.

Meanwhile, Sean has still not made a move on his wife, and that is annoying Davina. She wants to be desired, but is not getting that vibe from her husband. Will Sean and Davina get a chance to consummate their marriage before choosing whether or not to remain married?

Ryan and Jessica, who were the first among the three couple to have sex, have also been having some intimacy issues. The last episode ended with Ryan giving Jess a back massage. Could that lead to a more physically open relationship between the two?

Find out in the upcoming "Married at First Sight" episode, which will air at 9pm (EST)on Tuesday, 26 May.