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Many may find the concept of marrying a stranger crazy; not these three couples. They made a wise bet too, considering all of them at least seem happy with their respective better halves.

As of the last episode of "Married at First Sight", all the couples have returned from their honeymoon and got into the holiday spirit for Christmas. However, the time for celebration is officially over and it is time to figure out a living situation.

Ryan and Jessica, the newly-weds that had the worst honeymoon experience of all the couples, managed to bask in the glory of Christmas. Following the argument over Ryan's insensitive comment about an old piercing that Jessica had, the couple decide to move on.

Jessica offers to move in with Ryan in Staten Island for the Christmas week before they actually move in together. Although they are the first couple to completely sort out the "who moves in with whom" aspect of marriage, they do have trouble in finding the right apartment. In the promo for "Moving In", Ryan is seen telling Jessica, "finding an apartment in Brooklyn, with everything that you want, is unrealistic".

Meanwhile, Davina and Sean, who had the most sparks on their wedding day of all couple, will have their first big argument over moving in together. Sean had earlier expressed that he was not interested in moving to New York personally, but he would do it for the sake of his wife. Davina seems to have gotten the drift of his feelings, as she is seen asking Sean why she is helping him move to Manhattan if he doesn't even want to be there.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn and Ryan have always known that distance is going to be the most problematic aspect of their relationship. Jaclyn went from "When I look at him I don't see my husband" to "I have a crush on my husband" in a span of seven episodes.

She even said on camera that she would love to move in to Ryan's place even if it meant living in his mother's basement, if she didn't have to worry about work. However, Ryan needs to be near his mother, because he is helping her raise his niece.

While it remains to be seen how the newly-weds will sort out their living situation, another awkward conversation that pops up is sex. When Ryan asks Jaclyn "What should we do to christen the apartment?" Jaclyn asks back, "Are you talking about consummating our marriage?" She seemed a little unsure about jumping into the sack.

To find out which couple hits the bump when it comes to moving in, and to see if Jaclyn and Ryan decides to consummate their marriage, watch out for "Married at First Sight" on A&E at 9.00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 21 April.