Jessica and Ryan
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Couples, who "Married at First Sight" on the A&E show, are moving steadily towards the six-week finish line. Notwithstanding the bumps and hurdles they faced in their day-to-day lives, Ryan-Jessica, Sean-Davina, and Ryan-Jaclyn are feeling positive about their marriages.

In the most recent episode, "Intimacy", all the three couples expressed they would like to engage in a more physical relationship.

While Jaclyn revealed that she hated Ryan for making her feel insecure, her husband assured her that he kept his distance only because he did not want to lead her on. After Ryan clarified that he is extremely attracted to her, Jaclyn was pacified and relieved.

Sean, who claims to be an "extremely sexual person", has not made a move on his wife as yet and Davina is getting frustrated about it. She wants Sean to make the first move, whereas Sean feels like he is still waiting for the right time to consummate their marriage. However, seeing their wedding album in which their initial attraction to each other has been immortalised in the form of photos and videos, they realised that they are meant to be together.

Jessica and Ryan, the couple that has had the most fights in this season of "Married at First Sight", have also started treating each other with respect. Having consummated their marriage on the first night itself and looking back at those first moments with Dr Logan Levkoff, both Jess and Ryan realise that they are matched for a reason.

Jess even prepared a small treasure hunt for Ryan, which put a smile on his face after a long day of work. But just when fans thought it is going to be smooth sailing for the couple, the promo for next episode suggests otherwise.

In the clip, a few friends eating over at Ryan and Jessica's ask them what their biggest problem is, and the latter let it slip that it is his mouth. Ryan disapprovingly stares at his wife as an ominous music plays in the background.

Will Jess' slip reignite Ryan's anger, or will he be able to brush it under the rug and try to make their marriage work, considering the deadline approaches? Find out on the next episode of "Married at First Sight" on A&E at 9.00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 26 May.