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Controversial and fascinating social experiment 'Married at First Sight' has returned on A&E with a fresh new season. From 17 March 2015, the show will follow the lives of three new couples set up on a "blind marriage" by four experts.

Six Contestants:

·       Sean Varricchio (35), Trauma nurse in New Jersey.

·       Ryan Ranellone (28), Real estate agent from Long Island.

·       Ryan De Nino (29), Business owner from Staten Island.

·       Jessica Castro (30), Receptionist in Manhattan.

·       Jaclyn Methuen (33) Sales Representative in New York.

·       Davina Kullar (34) Bio-pharmaceutical sales representative in NYC.

The season 2 episode 1 of "Married at First Sight" dove right into the game with all six single participants meeting with the experts to determine how ready they are for marriage.

Know the Contestants

In the two-hour premiere, sales rep Jaclyn revealed to sexologist Dr Logan Levkoff, one of the experts, that she hasn't had sex in two years as she likes to be attached to the people she is sleeping with. "If I'm not that into you, I'm not letting you into me, really". Davina admitted that she wants to be with someone who is "going to take control".

After their session with the sexologist, participants opened up to psychologist Dr Joseph Cilona, who analysed their personalities. Jessica and Ryan R admitted that they want a partner that is family-oriented.

In the following segment, the contestants invited sociologist Dr Pepper Schwartz into their homes, to give him an insight into their past and present. Sean told the doctor that he was bullied a lot as a child and even had to hide broken bones from his parents. Although the sociologist talked to them, it does not seem like she successfully got through to them.

Finally, the spiritual adviser in the show Greg Epstein spoke to the cast, wherein it was revealed that most contestants did not care about their partner's religion.

Three Couples Matched

After interacting with each contestant, the experts sat together and paired up the contestants. The first match was 30-year-old Jessica and 28-year-old Ryan De Nino, who both admire their respective grandparents' long-term relationships. "I think they really fit well and have a lot of similarities," Dr. Cilona said. "Primarily, they share that deep core value of family."

Sean and Davina, who were the second couple to be matched, would make the show's first inter-racial couple. Davina, who is of Indian origin, was specific about wanting a Caucasian man. "Davina can sometimes have some challenges communicating and a guy like Sean that is really going to be able to listen I think could be a wonderful fit," Dr. Cilona said, justifying their match.

The final pair Ryan R. And Jaclyn are two ends of a spectrum, in that while Jaclyn is outgoing and assertive, her pair isn't. "But he does talk about really wanting and enjoying assertive women. He wants someone who is going to bust his chops and she will do that," said Dr Levkoff, adding that the fact that Ryan is helping his mother raise his niece would be impressive to Jaclyn.

Once the pairs were decided, each contestant was told they were getting married and was given a wedding date. With no information about their would-be spouses, all six of them informed their parents that they are getting married.

Families React

While Ryan D's mother was unhappy about his upcoming nuptials as she was worried he knew nothing about "this person", his future wife had better luck with her mother. After her stepfather agreed to walk her down the aisle, Jessica's mother started crying, "Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?"

Sean and Davina were both in agreement without each other's knowledge that they probably wouldn't kiss on the wedding day. The bride-to-be also opened up about her trust issues at her bachelorette party. "But this process is going to force me to trust and I think from a very valid perspective because there's a host of experts behind this process," she said.

Meanwhile Jaclyn, who is worried that she wouldn't be attracted to her husband, or that they would not share a sexual chemistry, said that she would definitely kiss him. "As long as I walk down the aisle and that first kiss is good, that means we have sexual chemistry and that's something you can't fake or force," Jaclyn said.

Wedding Day

Jessica received a family heirloom from her mother as a wedding gift and an engagement ring. Meanwhile she sent a pair of socks to her future husband. Davina also received a sweet gift from Sean, who called her the key to his lock. The gift was a gold key necklace.

As Ryan D walked into the room, Jessica's mother shouted "Perfect!" Meanwhile Sean's friends made snarky comments about Davina's bridesmaids wearing black dresses.

While Ryan R is a "happy camper" after seeing Jaclyn walk in to the room, Jaclyn was thoroughly disappointed. "I first see Ryan and my gut's just – oh man, like this isn't — oh god, s---". She also told the cameras that she didn't feel that Ryan was her husband.

The episode ended with Ryan saying "I do". But will Jaclyn repeat those words? From her initial reaction, it doesn't look like she will. It is also not known if the other couples will make it to the completion of the wedding ceremony.

Watch out for Season 2 of "Married at First Sight" on A&E at 9.00 pm (EST) on Tuesdays. 

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