Mariyam Mukku
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The songs of much awaited movie "Mariyam Mukku" have been released. The songs, which are composed by Vidhyasagar, are impressive.

Through "Mariyam Mukku", he gives us a different kind of music while retaining his trademark style of melody. The movie features four tracks, which are sure to enchant the listeners. 

The film which stars Fahad Faasil and Sana Althaf in the lead is the directorial debut of popular script writer James Albert.

Produced by A.K Sabeer, the movie is distributed under the banner of LJ Films. The audio of 'Mariyam Mukku' is released by Muzik 247

Here is our take on the music of "Mariyam Mukku".

Rating: 3.5

"Ee Kadalinu Kolu"

Singers: K.J. Yesuadas & Sujata

Lyrics: Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma

A perfect track to begin the album with, the magical voice of Yesudas and Sujatha transcends beyond the concept of the song.

The track brings the feel of rain, storm, sea and love – all blending together indicating the blossoming love between the lovers in monsoon. Supported by variations of flute and great lyrics, the song is a melodies track, which is a delight to listen to. This is our favourite song in the whole album.


Singers: Kavalam Sreekumar & Najeem Arshad

Lyrics: Santhosh Varma

The song is a musical treat that is blended well with Latin style of music with apt flavor of folk songs in Kerala. The songs gives a feel of celebration in a local toddy shop and reflects the kind of setting in which the song is shot. 

The lyrics of the song talk about how Portugese had come to the place and became a part of the villager's life.

"Swargam Thurannu"

Singers: Chorus

Lyrics: Father. Ziyon

It is typical Christmas Carol song, that has possibilities of being a popular among Christians. The song has a divine feel to it, which is supported by well composed orchestrations.

The piano mix and the western music in the middle, takes the song to a new level. Vidhya Sagar has managed to push this devotional number to an enjoyable track.


Singers: Renjini Jose & Jithin

Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahamed

The song, which begins with a slow note by chorus, takes a sudden turn with a fast number. The song is like waves, which thrash all of sudden and slow down eventually. The melodious tune in the middle adds a new feel to the song.

The songs talks about the changes that happen in the seashore when fishermen come back to the shore with a good day of fishing and how they celebrate the good day.