Marina Joyce during the shoot for her most recent video
Marina Joyce during the shoot for her most recent videoFacebook/Marina Joyce

Fans all over the world and even people who did not know of the existence of Marina Joyce have been worried about the YouTube blogger ever since conflicting rumours about her have emerged. While there is no consistency so far in what has exactly happened to her, some fear that she has been taking drugs. Others claim that she is a hostage of her boyfriend and now, there are reports that claim she has been abducted by the Isis.

While many YouTubers have come forward and claimed that Joyce has been acting very weirdly and that her personality has completely changed, fans have also been noticing changes in her behavioural patterns. In a recent blog post on Just Paste, a fan has written a detailed description of all the changes in Joyce's personality and has backed it up with how various drugs affect the body.

"Her eyes keep trailing off behind the camera and her body language makes her seem incredibly uncomfortable. Almost like she's repeating what someone else is doing. She can barely stand still, she's shaking, and her body appears stiff and wobbly," reads the post. These behaviours are associated with someone who is on a drug popularly known as Speed.

"She keeps repeating herself, inhaling a lot, and blinking her eyes a lot more than normal which could very well be the side effects of a drug called speed. She even told people to stop saying that she's 'on anything' because she claims to be sober," the blog goes on to add.

Fans also say that they heard Joyce whispering "Save Me" in the video she posted on Friday, July 22. They fear that her boyfriend may be holding her hostage. In the recent photos Joyce took with him, the man is always seen holding her hard and smiling widely, while there is not a hint of smile on her face.

Meanwhile, a recent tweet by Joyce, asking all her fans to join her on a party at Bethnal Green on Wednesday morning around 6:30 am, have sparked reports about her being an Isis hostage. Other YouTubers even requested fans of Joyce to not go for the party, as it could be a trap. There are Joyce's tweets:

The party was shared live via Periscope and although no attacks wracked the party, many fans noticed that other than banging sounds and darkness, there was not any sign of a party at all.

Now, however, the Enfield Borough police who visited Joyce confirms that she is safe. That still does not answer why Joyce has been silent on social media.