Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are two legends in the sport of tennis. There is something special about the duo, who have been playing some amazing tennis over the last two decades. Young players and even established stars look upon Federer and Nadal, try to grasp everything they can as well.

Marin Cilic has been impressed by the way Federer and Nadal have dominated world tennis for some years now. The Croatian feels that one should learn about their passion for sport from the duo.

"What you can learn from them is the passion for the game and the passion to compete. Every single time they step on the court, they are extremely ready, they are not taking losses very easily," PTI quoted Cilic as saying.

Cilic, who is currently playing in the Maharashtra Open in India, is a great player himself. The Croatian is ranked world number six currently, and he already has a grand slam title in 2014, besides other trophies to show for his amazing career.

Great players are on the constant lookout of improving their skills. Both Federer and Nadal have done that, which make Cilic respect the world number one and two players in the modern game.

Marin Cilic, Wimbledon 2017 final, Marin Cilic
Marin Cilic.Nic Bothma - Pool/Getty Images

"Other things apart from their individual potential is their ability to adapt, especially Rafa. Over the years, we have seen so many changes in his technique. From serve to forehand to now just adapting to a different style of being a little bit more aggressive," Cilic said.

"Even last year he improved his second serve, added some speed. Even Roger over the years was improving his backhand, not playing much more slices, playing more aggressive tennis. They are able to adapt but still play at a high level."

Cilic for a start will be keen to win the Maharashtra Open, where he is the top seed. However, the big-serving Croat will have his eyes on the Australia Open. The first grand slam of the season starts mid-January.