Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway has been involved in the entertainment industry since young adulthood when she starred in films such as Lipstick, Manhattan, and Personal Best.
Over the years, she has transformed into a health advocate, activist, and author. She has penned six books to date and her newest venture includes working with MindStir Media, a leading self-publishing company, to help authors promote their books. As an example, one book project was created by a 7-year-old girl, Isabell Hayden, about the love of nature. MindStir Media marketed the book in an endorsement video produced by Hemingway that was posted to YouTube and it has attracted over 14,000 views to date. Entitled The Adventures of Amber: Walk in the Woods, the book became a #1 Amazon bestseller in June 2021, according to an article published on Influencive and shared by Mariel Hemingway herself on Twitter.

We reached out to the owner and founder J.J. Hebert, about the project. "Mariel adores Isabell and her mother," Hebert stated. "Mariel is publicly very outdoorsy and Isabell's book is geared toward trying to get kids interested in nature. It was a natural fit to pair Mariel with Isabell. We are all thrilled that her book has done so well on Amazon. She has to be one of the youngest bestselling authors ever at this point...and a big part of that success is due to Mariel's involvement." He added that this case study is a prime example of how a celebrity endorsement can put an unknown author of any age and background on the map.

The agency currently offers a couple of Influencer Packages catering to authors. One package includes an endorsement video featuring Mariel Hemingway promoting an author's book and the other offering consists of an endorsement video from Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington. It also offers what they call "Endorsed" packages that contain editing, book design, publishing, distribution, endorsements from celebrities including Mariel, and marketing books onto bestseller lists.

According to Hebert, she hopes to work with more authors that she can lend her name in a positive way. "In business, we hear a lot about influencer marketing on a daily basis. Businesses spend big money on influencers to amplify their message. But a lot of people forget that authors can use influencer marketing just as companies do," he added. "Authors should treat their books as a business and it's obvious in 2021 that celebrity influencers such as Mariel Hemingway can have a huge impact on a book's popularity and credibility. Just ask Isabell and her mother..."